10 Women in Tech in Switzerland to Follow in 2022


There is an incredible amount of amazing women in our industry and we will never miss an opportunity to highlight them. We did a little research study at the beginning of the year to find you some rising stars, upcoming influencers, and inspiring leaders in our industry.

We believe all of the women in this list will be essential to our mission of bringing more women into tech, so we want to express our deepest gratitude for all the important work that they do.

Every woman in this list is not only a rockstar in her respective field of work, but also an advocate for more diversity in tech.

We are sure that you will enjoy this list if you are looking for inspiring women in the Swiss tech industry that you can learn from, admire from a distance, and watch to evolve into superstars.

And without further ado, in alphabetical order the list of inspiring women in tech in Switzerland to follow in 2022:


Alina Matyukhina

#cybersecurity #smartbuildings #womenincybersecurity

Dr. Alina Matyukhina is a cybersecurity manager at Siemens Smart Infrastructure Global HQ. In her role, she is responsible for ensuring that products and solutions for smart buildings meet the required cybersecurity standards while supporting the needs of users and stakeholders.

Alina is an active contributor to the cybersecurity industry, and writes about her career, work and challenges in cybersecurity in a refreshing way. Follow her to learn more about cybersecurity and to watch a rising star in this industry.

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Leonie Flückiger

#blockchain #digitaltwin #womenintech

Leonie Flückiger is co-founder of blockchain startup Adresta AG. She combines her science and engineering background with the traditional watch industry to provide a way that allows customers to store a digital twin of their product on the blockchain. The goal of this effort is to create more trust and transparency in the luxury goods industry.

As an advocate for women in tech, Leonie is eager to share her experiences studying engineering and being a woman in the startup world. Follow her to see how she will be using blockchain technology to solve real-world problems.

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Leslie Anne Fendt

#biotech #genderequality #chemistry

Leslie Anne Fendt is a Digital Health Product Leader at Roche where she crafts an integrated healthcare solution for ophthalmology (medical conditions related to eyes and eye sight). She holds a master in organic chemistry with minors in business and computer science.

Leslie is a member of women in tech and speaks out about gender inequality. She is actively looking to find ways to achieve gender parity in biotech, in particular at the senior and executive level. Moreover, she also addresses challenges in women’s health and is regularly cheering on other women for their success. Follow her for her great positivity and inspiring posts.

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Lisa Falco

#womenshealth #gender #machinelearning

Lisa Falco is a Consultant for AI & Data at Zühlke Group and she has specialized in medtech and healthcare. She has worked at the interface of medicine and technology for almost 20 years, on how data can be used to better understand the human body – in particular the female body.

Lisa is not only a mother of two, but also a book author. In her book Go Figure! she uncovers the wonders of the female body. Follow her for inspiring content about how to use AI, statistics and machine learning to close the gender gap in medicine.

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Nadia Mojahed

#seo #digitalmarketing #womenintech

Nadia Mojahed is a Digital Marketing and SEO expert. For more than 10 years now she helpes B2C and B2B companies of startups, nonprofit organizations, and international brands with search engine optimization, digital strategy, and much more.

Nadia regularly shares practical tips for website design, copy writing, and how to bring the best out of your digital presence. Nadia is also an advocate for women empowerment and she believes in the power of female communities. Follow her for SEO knowledge and to watch the growing female community of SEO nerds.

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Noëmi Kaufmann

#circulareconomy #equality #sustainablity

Noëmi Kaufmann is a project manager for circular economy at Bühler Group and has been taking on a leading role in the fight for equality.With her engineering mindset and sense for innovation, she is a leading force for women in STEM and sustainable change management at her organization and beyond. This includes her role as scientific advisor to the Materials Innovation Initiative (MII).

As an attentive observer and active listener, she has a unique talent to grasp key insights. Noëmi shares her observations with her community in an authentic and inspiring way. Follow her for inspirational content regarding circular economy or sustainable materials and watch her lead the way into new forms of growth.

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Sandrine Bovis

#ecommerce #digitalmarketing #girlsintech

Sandrine Bovis is agile digital ecommerce & IT manager at the L’Occitane Group. She brings more than 15 years of experience in digital marketing in Paris, London, and Geneva. She fights for social justice, finding new ways how digital marketing can be more social, and she volunteers for the national ministry of education in France.

Driven by a true passion for media, she considers herself as “hybrid” as she loves both the tech & marketing worlds, always pushing customers at the heart. Hence she is now tackling a new challenge by leading an API product strategy to accelerate digital transformation.

Sandrine also openly speaks about how her company promotes gender balance with concrete and meaningful actions such as extended parental leave. And she supports and encourages the rise of young women and girls into the STEM field through education. Follow her for digital marketing inspiration (also in French) and good mood.

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Simone Züger

#design #diversity #closethegaps

Simone Züger is design director at her own design studio & the co-founder of the start-up elleXX universe AG. With elleXX she transforms together with her two co-founders the way women are thinking and deciding about investment. She is passionate about exploring the possibilities of design and believes in projects that are deeply rooted in the understanding of functional needs.

Simone rightly perceives her work as a designer of digital tools as an essential role in helping shape societies. In this capacity, she also educates around the risks and opportunities of designing for all. Follow her for design inspiration and watch the developments of her startup elleXX closely as this refreshing narrative of female financial empowerment might change our society for the better.

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Sonia Seneviratne

#climate #cleantech #climatechange

Prof. Dr. Sonia Seneviratne is a full professor and group lead at the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science at ETH Zürich and she is one of the most cited researchers in the world. As a world-leading climate scientist, she has also been the author of several publications as part of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) reports.

The world needs more brilliant scientists like Sonia that are putting their brains to the most challenging issues that we are facing as humanity. Follow Sonia for inspiring and insightful articles, interviews, panel discussions, and most of all – the most recent research around climate change.

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Yoko Spirig

#startup #research #womeninstem

Yoko Spirig is the co-founder & CEO of tech startup Ledgy that aims for a better way to engage employees and investors through seemless and intuitive web solutions. Yoko holds a masters degree in Physics and has also worked at CERN and Swissloop as a volunteer. She has since then fully embarked on the startup journey.

Yoko is an outspoken and engaged founder, truly believing in the mission of her company. She also actively advocates for more women in engineering and web development, e.g. through the women in web initiative that brings female web developers to the next level. Follow Yoko on her startup adventure and learn how her company democritizes ownership.

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Author: Lisa Stähli

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