10 Women in Tech in Switzerland to Follow in 2023

There is an incredible amount of amazing women in our industry and we will never miss an opportunity to highlight them. We did a little research study at the beginning of the year to find you some rising stars, upcoming influencers, and inspiring leaders in our industry.

We believe all of the women in this list will be essential to our mission of bringing more women into tech, so we want to express our deepest gratitude for all the important work that they do.

Every woman in this list is not only a rockstar in her respective field of work, but also an advocate for more diversity in tech.

We are sure that you will enjoy this list if you are looking for inspiring women in the Swiss tech industry that you can learn from, admire from a distance, and watch to evolve into superstars.

And without further ado, in reversed alphabetical order the list of inspiring women in tech in Switzerland to follow in 2023:

Tanja Koch

#machinelearning #data #femalefounders

Tanja Koch studied mechanical engineering at ETH Zurich and is dedicated to building bridges between product, research & development, and customers. As the co-founder of Amplo, she and her team enable businesses to gain valuable insights such as predictions and automated diagnostics from maintenance data originated from sensors in industrial machines.

As an ambassador of Women in 3D Printing as well as an advocate for more women in the tech industry, Tanja is helping to raise awareness for more diversity in tech – as an inspiring female founder and a recent Forbes 30 under 30 recipient. Follow her enterpreneurial journey and get inspired by her personal story.

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Dr. Sophia Ding

#trustworthyAI #responsibletech #diversitymatters

Dr. Sophia Ding is an expert in trustyworth AI and responsible technology. She holds a PhD in economics from ETH Zurich and identifies herself as a social innovator and intrapreneur, a dreamer who does. Sophia has a background in data analytics, analytics translation, and empirical economic research with a focus on statistical and econometric methods.

As co-founder of SEET (Support Education, Empower Together), a non-profit that offers a study support program for displaced people focusing on the specific challenges of women, Sophia is contributing to more equal opportunities for everybody in the tech industry. Follow her journey shaping the future of trustworthy AI and bringing more diversity to tech.

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Sofia Kypraiou

#datascience #AIethics #womenatthetable

Sofia Kypraiou holds a masters degree in data science from EPFL and works as a Data Science Consultant at the Geneva based non-profit Women At The Table. With a strong focus on data science with respect to AI ethics and human rights, Sofia is helping to pave the way to a more equal future through data and analytics.

Originally from Greece and now based in Lausanne, Sofia has developed a human-rights based methodology to address fairness issues in AI systems. Follow her inspiring journey researching for more fairness in systems, linking AI and human rights.

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Dr. Sanjana Rao

#digitalhealth #femtech #startup

Dr. Sanjana Rao is a women’s health advocate and digital health innovator with a PhD in biochemistry. Her startup Miyara is an online health platform for women in midlife to support them through perimenopause and menopause by offering scientific information, products and services.

In 2022, Sanjana has received the Hidden Figures Award at the #wetechtogether conference for her dedication to making women’s health accessibile for all. Originally from India, Sanjana has worked as a postdoctoral researcher both at ETH Zurich and University of Zurich and has co-authored 11 publications. Follow her path of building Miyara and revolutionizing healthy aging in women based on science.

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Maja Stamenkovic

#consulting #datascience #diversityintech

Maja Stamenkovic is an IT consultant at Netlight with a focus on data science and data engineering. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from EPFL and is originally from Serbia where she studied Information Systems and Technology in Belgrade.

Maja’s authentic and unique way of sharing her experiences working in tech are refreshing and provide new perspectives. She is a strong advocate for more diversity in tech and is actively involved in a number of initiatives at her work place to increase diversity and equity. Follow her for insightful stories about what it means to be a female IT consultant, a young professional in Switzerland, or just to admire her adorable and genuine personality.

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Laetitia Bochud

#xrindustry #immersivetech #womenintech

Laetitia Bochud is the director of Virtual Switzerland, a non-profit organization that encourages the adoption of AR/MR/VR across industries in Switzerland to drive innovation. Through her work here and abroad, as president of XR4Europe, she is facilitating and fostering knowledge sharing and community building around use cases and productions in immersive technologies, building synergies between cantons and countries working in this innovative field.

As an ambassador for Women in Immersive Tech, she is actively involed to also bringing more women into the field of extended realities (XR) and virtual platforms, or metaverses. Follow her path as a shaper and optimistic XR ecosystem expert.

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Damla Welti

#womeninengineering #computing #IT

Damla Welti is a student in electrical engineering at ETH Zurich and president of LIMES ETH, an organization that brings together women, inter-, trans- and non-binary students studying mechanical or electrical engineering at ETH Zurich. Through her volunteering work, she is creating visibility for diverse voices in the STEM field. In her role as a Technical Support Engineer at SCS, she also organizes Women in Engineering networking event as well as inspires young talents at National Future Day.

Damla is a rising star in leading efforts around diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Follow her to see how she will be shaping the future of tech.

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Clio Rossier

#futurethinking #sustainability #womenempowerment

Clio Rossier is a Salesforce Consultant at Merkle DACH with a passion for innovation, sustainability and technical solutions for digital transformation. Clio is one of the co-hub leaders for diversity and inclusion at the Merkle DACH Salesforce division which allows her to drive efforts around bringing more women and diverse profiles to the tech industry. As a former member of the Women Back To Work initiative at Salesforce, Clio has been advocating for better opportunities for women for years.

Clio is using her voice to advocate and speak about topics such as the future of work or digital innovation. Her mission is to promote a better and more inclusive and sustainable future for all of us. Follow her for authentic stories and to see her building a path for more women of all ages in the tech industry.

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Dr. Assia Garbinato

#energy #agile #digitaltransformation

Dr. Assia Garbinato is the director of digital and innovation at Romande Energie. She has a master’s degree in Systems Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science from EPFL. Her passion is driving ambitious digital transformations by leading agile teams.

Assia is an incredible inspiration for anyone working in the field of energy which is faced with a multitude of challenges in recent years. With her drive for innovation and her technical competency, Assia is able to create new opportunities and inspire change. Follow her career path and get inspired by her pragmatic view of technology and innovation.

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Dr. Andrea Rubik

#digitalmarketing #womenindigital #growth

Dr. Andrea Rubik is a marketing executive, start-up founder and inspiring role model for women in digital marketing. Andrea has a PhD in Business Economics and has a strong background in strategy and applied science. With her startup Resyfy she helps streamline resume management for a number of different working life opportunities with the goal for more equality.

Andrea is president of Women in Digital Switzerland, one of the largest female tech communities in Switzerland. She is a true leader and an inspiration for many women in the industry. Follow her path and support her on her mission to bring more women to digital marketing and tech.

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Author: Lisa Stähli

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