By Eugenie Fontugne

Your Girls in Tech Switzerland team is scattered all over Switzerland. As a result, we have been working remotely and striving to be efficient for years. We therefore have a few tips when it comes to the best tools.


The apps we use


At Girls in Tech Switzerland, we use Asana to organize ourselves: what is the To Do list, who is doing what for when. We like this tool because it give a quick overview of what needs to be done. How to set it up? See here.



Slack is our go-to chat app. We use it on a regular basis to communicate about ongoing activities. You can create channels in order to ave separate discussions revolving around different subjects. 



Google Suite



We use the Google Suite to create and store all the information we need for activity and admin purposes: it varies from content creation (similar to what you are reading right now) to speakers’ biography, sponsoring information and brand identity. Your team and yourself can work simultaneously on the documents which almost gives the sensation of having your colleagues with you! 

We use Google Drive as a storage that is accessible to everyone.
We don’t use Google Hangout as much since we communicate mainly using Slack but it also appears as a great chat app.



As a remote team, we try to meet virtually at least once a month. We have been using Skype since the beginning and we like it. 



None of us at Girls in Tech Switzerland are designer by education. Needless to say that Canva has been a lifesaver when it comes to creating beautiful visuals for our upcoming events, sponsoring pitches and social media content. It is also really useful to design your resume in a slightly more inspiring way than on Word. 


Unsplash & Pixabay

Use Unsplash and Pixabay two picture database that are copyright free and beautiful!



No printer at home and you need to scan an important document to be sent to your boss. CamScanner is a great app to do so! If you use the free version, you will see CamScanner appearing on the bottom of your document but who cares?


The apps that could also do the trick for you


Zoom is THE tool on everyone’s lips and the company that has, since the pandemic started, seen a staggering amount of downloads.
We seldom use it as we use Skype more, but this tool is very handy if you want to 

  • Have a large number of people participating, and sharing their video. The free version gives you access to up to 100 people for 40 minutes. Quite cool right? Depending on the number of participants, it is probably the best place to hold big meetings, virtual apero, book club sharing session or trivia night.
  • Use filters. Hello heavy users of Snapchat, Instagram and Tik Tok. On Zoom, you can “Touch Up Your Appearance” – basically put filters on your face.
  • Hide their mess. Zoom comes up with the very useful “Custom your backdrop” feature. 



No introduction needed. At Girls in Tech Switzerland, we chose a year ago to not use Whatsapp anymore and solely use Slack. We are all multitasking and selecting a few, relevant applications help to focus and get key messages into one main place.
One tip: If you do rely on Whatsapp a lot, download it on your computer. It will be easier to share links and documents than on your phone.



WeTransfer is very helpful when you want to share documents with one another. It comes handy, especially for heavier documents, and even if you use Google Drive which allows for a limited size of documents.



Box is a mix between WeTransfer and Google Drive, it will help you sharing documents and store them in a place that everyone can access.