By Eugenie Fontugne​

Whilst staying at home can sound boring and somewhat oppressive, we see an opportunity to learn more about Tech. 

We have selected our current favorite classes and will share more content over the following weeks. Free of charge if not stated otherwise. 

Please do share with us the classes you have liked or not! 



Today’s pick: Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Time to ramp up these digital marketing skills and even get a certification!



Today’s pick: Data Science at John Hopkins University

“Data is the new oil.” Well, let’s understand how to use R to analyze data and make them “talk”.



Today’s pick: How Virtual Reality Really works?

You did not get the chance to attend our super insightful event in Geneva VR for every business at Pulse Incubateur? You did come but you would like to have a refresher?
Then, check out the class we selected for you



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Maddyness is my one of my favorite newsletters about start-ups. It gives information about existing start-ups as well as advices for wannabe entrepreneurs. It’s a French website, in French, and a lot of the content is mainly about France. Yet, all the advices are useful for us, here in Switzerland as well, and especially now.
Our latest read:


Swisspreneur Show Podcast

Listen about Swiss entrepreneurs sharing their best tips and their worst nightmares. 


Now, we all know how it goes, we are motivated the first two days and then our willingness to learn plummet. Write it down in your calendar, like a doctor appointment or a work meeting. Tips: Coursera helps you to connect all the courses deadlines to your Google Calendar and set up regular learning sessions. No excuses.


What are you learning those days? Leave a comment!