Her Story – Stories from our Community

The Girls in Tech Switzerland community is a diverse group of individuals. Each of us have different reasons to finding their way into the tech industry and to be a part of our mission to increase diversity in tech. In our Her Story blog post series you can read the inspiring career stories from our community members.

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Pragati Siddhanti

All through my life, I thought I needed an MBA to step up my game and move into management; but hey after wearing the shoes of a mother I was slowly but gradually becoming a master of time management, multitasking, and problem-solving — skills that are highly valued in the workforce.

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Anne-Sophie Scharff

After two and a half years of volunteering at Girls In Tech Switzerland, I still struggle to see myself as a Girl In Tech but why is that?

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Corinne Ruckstuhl

The story of not having a story – 8 months ago, I was asked to write about my story, share it with the outside world, and inspire others. I was hesitant. What should I write about? I don’t have a story yet. It took me 8 months to figure it out.

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Sally M Solaymantash

Do you use the BELLS to focus on YOU? – I have always felt different. As a child, I learned that my mind worked differently. At times, what was crystal clear to me was a fog to the others, while what was clear to them eluded me!

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Lisa Stähli

The Power of Being Underestimated – When no one believes in your potential, you have to learn to believe in yourself. And once you have learned that, the sky is the only limit.

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Taisha Fabricius

Impostor Syndrome aka “How did I even get here?” – Ever feel like you’ve ended up in a (tech) job that you don’t deserve because you’re not good enough? Yeah, me too.

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