By Anne-Sophie Scharff

The current lockdown may prevent us from throwing big birthday celebrations with all our friends and family, but birthdays are not cancelled!

Birthdays can still be a day of fun and celebration even if we cannot hug each other, get drinks or share a cake together. If your birthday happens to be during the lockdown, we have prepared a list of ideas for you (bonus point: there won’t be any after-party cleaning required!)


  1. Throw a digital birthday party

ZOOM and the houseparty have been very popular lately to throw digital gatherings with your friends. If you want to take it further, we even suggest to get the drink of the moment, the quarantini (basically a martini that you drink by yourself but yes, it is a thing now).

You can even spice things up a little bit with a good old-fashioned quiz competition using QuizUp.


  1. Order takeaway from your favourite restaurant

More and more restaurants have been reopening over the past few weeks, offering takeaway options. Not only should you get to eat your favourite meal on your birthday, but you will also support a local business during those difficult times.


  1. Throw a Netflix viewing party

 Get the Netflix party Chrome extension and link up with your friends to host a long-distance movie night. If you don’t know what to watch, check out our recent article with movie suggestions from the team:


  1. Birthday wishes from afar

Even if we can’t get together, there are still many ways to wish happy birthday to our loved ones. For example, you can set up a time for all your neighbors to meet up on their balcony to celebrate. Unleash your creativity and make it a birthday to remember!


  1. Make someone happy

 Often on our birthday, we also realize how lucky we are to be surrounded by loving and caring people who go out of their way to make us feel special. Some of us might want to spend a part of their birthday bringing some joy to others too. If you want to help but you are not sure how, check out Save 2020 org , an organization from Geneva that gathers many inspirational initiatives that are accessible to all of us and easily replicable. 


Happy birthday from us in advance!