By Maysa Lumi Ito Barchiesi 

I have 2 boys of 5 and 1 years old. Thus, I know how hard it can be to keep them busy. There are good and bad days for us. To me, creating a routine is essential.My 1-year-old still has his nap during the day, so this is the time to beproductive. This is a list to keep them busy based on my experience and friends. Please, feel free to add in the comments more activities to increase this list.

  1. Create a daily schedule together. Use anything you have to make it visible.Kids love to know how will be their day. They can also define some activities.
  2. Create breaks during the day, so kids can have your attention regularly. If they know they’ll have your attention at a given time, there’s a chance they’ll interrupt you slightly less (maybe 1% less…).
  3. For any family member, especially for the grandparents, that needs to be isolated from the kids, the app Caribu is a good opportunity for them to interact. And you, as a parent, have a break. The app consists of a video-call with children’s books and activities. The grandparents can read for them. Ages from 0 to 7.
  4. Learning a new language with Duolingo Kids.
  5. Improve the English skills of your kids with the app Lingokids. The app is game-based and interactive. Ages from 2 to 8.
  6. Cosmic Kids Yoga. This is a YouTube channel with amazing videos, she teaches kids in a very nice way.
  7. Rediscover the assets of the Canton of Vaud with coloring sheets.
  8. Do it Box, receive every month a new box filled with creative crafts for kids from 3 to 8.
  9. WooLoo is a very nice blog made by a mom. There is a lot of good ideas to do with kids. The blog is in French.
  10. Do homemade playdough. So, you don’t worry much about if your toddler eats it. I tried this recipe and worked perfectly.
  11. The Maths Factor is a good website to support Maths. It is fronted by Carol Vorderman who is well known in the UK for her maths ability from her time on the TV show `Countdown`.
  12. The Fable Cottage is a story website that can listen to in 5 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and German)
  13. For art and crafts ideas for kids visit Easy Peasy and Fun or The Kindergarten Connection 
  14. For a long time, I am following on Instagram @thedadlab. He is a father who gives a lot of great ideas to play with kids using science.
  15. There’s a huge range of homeschooling and online learning sites such as Scholastic, Khan Academy and Outschool and Adventrue Academy.
    Most of them ask for a subscription, although they offer free trials.
  16. The public group on Facebook Amazing Educational Resources shares teacher resources
  17. App «Radio Pomme d’Api» is a French radio for kids and parents. There is music, nursery rhymes, stories and poems.
  18. Visit a museum. Many museums have online tours. Check out the list here
  19. Explore art and history with Google
  20. Listen to science podcast for kids like «Brains On!» and «Fun Kids ScienceWeeklz»
  21. Check YouTube Channels related to science like «Beakman’s World»(translate for lots of languages), «Pas de Sorcie» (French) and «Manual do Mundo» (Portuguese). My elder son loves all of the three channels.