By Clarissa Amrein

With the spread of Corona and the shutdown of gyms, yoga studios and Crossfit boxes, the endless possibilities to sweat and stay active have been erased from one day to the other. Skipping a gym session or practicing yoga alone at home due to a busy schedule is one thing. But not being able to go to the favorite bodypump or yoga class for an uncertain time is something, we have never envisioned. With the lock-down mode and the majority of employees working from home, the amount of physical inactivity and lazy behavior tends to increase significantly over the next weeks. How can you stay fit under the exceptional circumstances and keep your body moving?


  1. Your body – your best equipment

Bodyweight training is a type of training that doesn’t require any weights or equipment. The only weight you’re using is your own body. Seems boring? Trust me, there are tons of exercises you can do to get a good sweat. Push-ups, crunches, squats or planks are just a few to name and not to neglect the multiple variations these exercises offer. Still keen to use fitness tools? Get creative and use your household items such as a chair or water bottle as fitness equipment.

Bodyweight training is a great way to maintain and build your strength and work on your balance and flexibility. Grab your mat, turn up your favorite sound and give bodyweight training a go!

App recommendations: SWEAT, Freeletics, Nike Training, YouTube (Fitnessblender)

  1. Run Forrest Run!

Nothing beats a running session in the fresh air when sitting at your desk and starring into the screen the whole day. Running is the most popular form of exercise – simple and convenient. It’s not only beneficial for your body but also positively impacts your mental health. Suffering from low concentration or feeling overwhelmed with your To-Do-list? Then it’s time to lace-up your running shoes! Stay motivated and keep the joy of running by mixing it up. Change your pace every other run to avoid being a “one-pace-wonder”. Discover new trails, experience new surfaces and embrace the wide range of distances from short sprints to long runs.

App recommendations: Strava, Adidas Runtastic, Runkeeper

  1. Namaste at Home

Making yoga a part of your daily or weekly routine at home is another great way to keep your body moving. Practicing yoga at home has never been easier thanks to Youtube, Instagram and Yoga apps. Create a dedicated space for your yoga practice at home. It can be a small space at the corner of your living room area which allows you to lie out a mat and be comfortable. Get your comfy yoga pants on, set the right mood and dive into the world of asanas. Yoga will help you to calm your mind and forget the crazy world around you.

App recommendations: Asana Rebel, Alo Moves, YouTube (Yoga with Adriene)

  1. Happiness walks on busy feet

If you are used to hit the gym every single day, allow yourself some rest. It’s the best time now to slow down and give your body some well-deserved time to recover. To improve your fitness and build muscle, rest and recovery is often an underestimated part of the training equation. As exercise puts your body into a stage of stress, your body needs rest after your training to adapt and, as a result, get stronger. With the freed-up time, take a recovery walk around your neighborhood (keep social distancing in mind) and listen to your favorite podcast for additional entertainment.

Podcast recommendations: E-commerce Radar, TED talks, Marketing transformation podcast, Talks at Google, Wall Street Journal Tech News Briefing / The Future of Everything, The Guilty Feminist