By Eugenie Fontugne

End of Week 2. How are you feeling? Time starts to feel long? Go no further. We have plenty of content to keep you inspired and entertained. 

We have selected many topics that are not necessarily linked to tech but that we found very interesting. Content in English and French.

  • Love human rights? / Instagra: @fifdh.geneve
    Check out Festival du Film et Forum sur les Droits Humains, one of the most inspiring festivals out there, and it is organized in Geneva. It was cancelled by the big C virus but the team worked on an online version. How cool right?
  • You know everything about Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehry and Zara Hadid but want to explore more?
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  • Lacking creativity?
    Creative Morning was created years ago by a Swiss woman shortly after she moved to NYC. She wanted to get people together around an inspiring morning event and delicious breakfast. Years later, the network has successfully grown to thousands hubs around the world. Highly recommended to learn about “normal” people sharing their life stories. Inspiring!
    Check this one: Listen to Moby (yes this Moby) who shares his experience about the freedom to fail.