Relax & Take it Artsy – Workshop Review

If you missed our amazing art therapy workshop on December 15, don’t worry! We have prepared a little recap for you so you can learn the easy techniques taught by artist @madebykhani to relax and clear your mind with nothing more than pens and paper.

It has long been known that creative expression can foster mental well-being through the development of self-awareness, the promotion of self-esteem, and the ability to clear one’s head.

During the workshop, we explored three activities that you can easily replicate by yourself whenever you want to take a break and take time for yourself aka self-care.

Exercise 1: Play with words, shapes, and colors

Step 1. Choose three words that make you happy and assign them a color (examples: sea, flowers, love, sky).

Step 2. Choose a shape and start drawing it in various sizes on your paper using your three chosen colors (for example squares, circles, triangles) and cover as much surface as you want.

Step 3. Draw some easy doodles inspired by your three words on top of your shapes (for example, for the sea you could draw waves, fishes, seashells).

Step 4. Add the final touch to your artwork by writing down your three words spread across the piece of paper.

Exercise 2: Create your own Mandala

We have probably all colored in mandalas when we were younger and during the workshop, we learned to draw them ourselves. Mandalas are diagrams filled with geometric patterns that find their origin in Hindu and Buddhist art.

Step 1. Draw some circles from small to big. Don’t worry they do not have to be perfect circles, get creative.

Step 2. Once your circles are drawn, you can fill them in with repetitive shapes. By using repetitive patterns, you won’t have to focus too hard on your drawing aka the perfect mind-clearing exercise.

You can even take it further and color in your very own mandala!

Exercise 3: Experiment with repetitive shapes

Step 1. Choose a shape (for example a circle, a leaf, a heart, a star) and draw it several times in different sizes.

Step 2. Fill in these shapes with different patterns. Easy patterns could be circles, lines, triangles, dots, etc.

Step 3. Once you have drawn everything, add some color.

All three of these exercises are meant to be very easy to replicate. Get creative whenever you want: during a work break, a quiet evening, or even with friends!

Thank you, Khani!

Thanks so much to Khani, the amazingly talented artist who has organized this workshop! It was truly inspiring and a lot of fun to paint alongside you!

Hope you enjoyed the article. Do not hesitate to share your beautiful artworks with us, we’d love to see you being creative!

Lots of love,
Your Girls in Tech Switzerland Team

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