By Eugenie Fontugne

At Girls in Tech Switzerland we love tech and consider it an enabler for so many things. We selected some apps, social media accounts and online classes to stay sane and positive.


Keep a routine 

Our first advice: try to keep your usual routine as much as possible. Keeping a routine is what helps us being grounded when the world around us is shrinking. Use this daily timesheet to organize yourself.


Learn about well-being

Dr Laurie Santos did a live session on March 30th, and her class is one of our favorites. Check it out and learn more about what makes people happy, what does not…and believe us, you will be surprised. 

Coursera – The Science of Well-Being at Yale University



No better time to practice your downward facing dog and your warrior pause.
We use the Down Dog App and we like it: you can customize the whole session: length, difficulty level, teacher or music. 

Free until April 1st



Our latest picks

Mimi has the perfect family, lives in the most beautiful house and makes food…that I cannot describe. She lives in Torino and is also going through the same lockdown experiences. 

Based in HK, Mandy was born in Taiwan, raised in Vancouver before moving to NYC, her favorite city. After moving to Beijing to follow her husband, she started practicing social distancing – and yes she is a pioneer – because she did not like the city. Good for us: this is when she started cooking and sharing her skills with us. Now based in HK, she provides comfort in showing that Covid19 will go away at some point. Great recipes to do at home!

The famous three-michelin stars chef Massimo Bottura gives live cooking classes on Instagram every evening – how lucky we are!



I am always keen on trying new activities but I have struggled with meditation, despite all my friends saying: “it changed my life”. I have always found a reason not to do it – mostly because of time. Given the current circumstances, I decided to give it a go. Whilst it’s hard to focus at the beginning, you get better with time.  

Discover Headspace app in English and Petit Bambou app in French
Follow Lily Barbery-Coulon on Instagram. She gives meditation sessions every day at 6PM.



Today’s pick: Learn any language you fancy!
Learn a new language and challenge your friends to do the same!