To all Breakylovers out there

by | Apr 3, 2020 | eat

By Clarissa Amrein

You are working from home these days? You call yourself a #Breakylover and you belong to those species who could literally eat breakfast from a.m to p.m? Then this blog is dedicated to you! Now that you save time for your commute you must have plenty of time in the mornings. Perfect to start your day off with a fresh and delicious breakfast. Celebrate your mornings the next few weeks with our top five breakfast recipes. And before your stomach starts growling, here we go:


1. It’s always Pancake time

Nothing beats a fluffy golden pancake tower, right? Bring the American style into your kitchen and top your pancakes with classic maple syrup. Go crazy with the toppings and add banana, walnut, berries, seeds, peanut butter, greek yogurt and whatever your heart beats for. There are no limits to your creativity.

Try it out yourself with this recipe.

2. Food art par excellence

It is almost impossible to scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing these beautiful photos of colorful and perfectly garnished Acai bowls. Acai, a Brazilian superfruit is not only super delicious but is also praised for being beneficial to your health. Yummie and good for your health? Jackpot! Grab a pretty bowl and start your individual food art right now (don’t forget to tag @girlsintechswitzerland, we want to see your talent).

Our favorite bowl recipe here!


3. You’re everything I AVO wanted

Avocados are your one true love? Yup, we  definitely know how you feel. Simple and yet so tasty, this savoury breakfast won’t leave you starving. Sliced or mashed, with or without eggs, whole-grain or crusty toast? The choice is yours!
Create your mouth-watering Avo Toast, it’s all about finding your perfect combo.


4. Fresh homemade deliciousness

Moist, sweet and full of flavour – that’s how we love it! Nothing better than a warm slice of home made banana bread with a nice smear of butter. Pre-heat your oven and start your banana party now. 


5. The sunny side of life

Quick and easy, without having to compromise taste? Time for a «sunny side-up egg»! Skipping breakfast is no longer an option with this super simple and quick recipe. Get your protein in and the sun will shine for you.