What was the last podcast you were listening to? Our team members love podcasts! While cleaning the house or going for a run, podcasts give us the opportunity to keep track of what is happening in the world and maybe even learning something new.

So let us share our favourite podcast episodes and hosts with you:


Career Advice & Education

Join these two ladies talking about how to get your career or business growing by sharing their skills hacks, tips and tricks on different growth topics

On Purpose
Fascinating conversations with insightful people in the world talking about different topics and life advice by Jay Shetty.

Stuff you should know
Have you ever asked yourself, how dog perceive time, existential risk works or if there was a King Arthur? 

News & Business

HBR IdeaCast
Thought leaders are sharing their ideas and stories on a weekly basis about work, leadership and many other topics.

Ted Talks Daily
Get your daily dose of Ted Talks from all over the world on thought-provoking ideas on every subject imaginable.

Ted Radio Hour
Same producers as Ted Talks Daily, they pick up on the ideas discussed in Ted Talks and investigate the bigger questions with the world greatest thinkers. 

Digital Kompakt (German only)
Podcast label with several business formats at one go. Or decide to subscribe to the formats individually or as a whole department, from finance, technology to startup.



Marketing Transformation (German only)
The Digital Forward Marketing Transformation Podcast they get to the bottom of the strategies, tactics and measures of successful advertisers.

Think with Google
Stay ahead in marketing with this Google podcast. All you need to know about tools, strategies and expert opinions to stay ahead of the curve.


Science & Technology

Wired UK
The latest news and reviews on Future Science, Technology and Culture on a weekly basis.

WSJ Tech News Briefing
What is happening in the tech world? Tune in to the WSJ Tech News Briefing on your daily commute to work and stay informed.

WSJ The Future of Everything
Have you ever wondered, how Tech and Science are revolutionising the way we live, work and play? Listen to this podcast with interviews from leaders and luminaries reshaping our world.


Health & Fitness


Growth Mindset
Discover your potential and embrace your curiosity with this podcast, where remarkable individuals show how anyone can achieve anything.



The Guilty Feminist
A supportive forum to discuss the big topics all 21st-century feminists agree on, whilst confessing our “buts” – the insecurities, hypocrisies and fears that undermine our lofty principles – always a good laugh.

Family Secret
What is your family secret? Explore astonishing family secrets and uncover extraordinary lessons the truth can teach us.

This podcast list will keep growing as we will discover more insightful and educational podcasts for you. Which podcast series or episode do you like to listen to and should be added to this list? Leave your comment!