What’s Your Motherhood Story?

This week we’re highlighting the breadth of motherhood, in all of its forms—its complexity and richness, ups and downs, joys and challenges. Each of us has a story  to tell, each with a different journey and unique ways of experiencing and viewing motherhood—both with our mothers and as mothers. Motherhood shapes our identities and transforms our lives.

For many, having and raising children is a remarkable gift that makes us the kindest and most generous version of ourselves. It makes life more colorful and full of meaning. As daughters, one of the most important relationships we have is with our mothers. And that bond, despite its intricacies and hardships, is something to be thankful for and celebrate for life.

But there’s the unspoken side of motherhood. Maybe you’ve lost your mother, or your child. Or It could be that you’ve had a difficult relationship with your mother, son or daughter. Maybe you want to be a mother but you are dealing with infertility issues or simply haven’t met the right partner. Maybe you’re looking to adopt and are trying to navigate the bureaucracies and overcome the obstacles of the adoption process.

Many women choose not to have children as they pursue a dream career. It’s so very difficult to juggle parental obligations while climbing the corporate ladder, and the expectations placed on women are often unrealistic.

The list is endless, and we won’t even try to describe motherhood in a few paragraphs. But remember that in whatever moment in life you may be, whatever challenges you’re facing, you’re not alone. Our programs are built to help all women—mothers, mothers-to-be, and nonmothers—take control of their stories, and thrive in life and work.

What is your motherhood story? We want to hear from you.

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