Women Who Inspire Us

At Girls In Tech Switzerland, we strongly believe in the importance of role models.

Through our Women Who Inspire Us interview series, we share the stories of inspiring Swiss women in tech as they are reflecting on their careers.

We shine a light on brilliant engineers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in the tech industry in Switzerland.

Their stories and aspirations aim to encourage more and more women and young girls to pursue a career in tech.

Are you or do you know an inspiring woman in tech that we should feature in this blog post series? Reach out to [email protected] & let us know!

Tatjana Schäfer, Director and Global Treasury Solutions Lead at KMPG

After having worked in Germany and Japan for multiple years, Tatjana now works in treasury at KPMG Zurich where she develops projects for clients all around the world in an international team. As the finance industry gets more technical, Tatjana lerned about many tech topics in order to provide her clients with the knowledge and solutions that would set them up for success.

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Dr. Marianne Charaf, Partner at itopia AG

Marianne immigrated to Germany from Bolivia at the age of 14 and pursued a PhD in business informatics – despite the language barrier. Today, she is a successful partner at the IT consulting firm itopia AG. Marianne is also actively engaged in improving the situation of foreigners in Zurich as co-president and board member of the council of foreigners.

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Melanie Tschugmall, Global Business Strategy Expert at SAP

Melanie grew up on the country side in Switzerland but evolved into a lover of cities and different cultures. As a strategy expert, she succeeds in bringing technology and people together, so that the business runs smoothly. She strongly believes in lifelong-learning as a beneficial mindset, and that women should make sure to choose managers and superiors that empower and enable them.

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Nadia Mojahed, founder of SEO Transformer

Nadia started out in digital marketing and found her passion in SEO (search engine optimization). Her career path is one of continuous learning and experimenting with various ideas. As the Geneva chapter lead of Women in Digital Switzerland she also knows about the importance of a strong and engaged network, and how to build communities.

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Sabine Do-Thuong, Head of Development at Verity

From studying computer science into software engineering and now leading a team of 50 engineers that build autonomous indoor drone systems. Sabine’s career path is as inspiring as it gets, and on top of that she is a huge advocate for more diversity in tech.

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Severina Pascu, Deputy CEO and COO of Sunrise UPC

Growing up in Romania has shown Severina that a woman can do any job. In Switzerland since many years, she has gained deep insights into the reasons for the lack of diversity in tech in this country. At Sunrise UPC, she is on a mission to change the face of tech.

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Leonie Flückiger, co-founder of Adresta AG

An engineer by training, Leonie has found the blockchain start-up Adresta who is revolutionizing the watch industry. Learn about her path into tech, what it means to be an entrepreneur, and how she is advocating for more women in tech.

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Catherine Pawlotsky

Catherine Pawlotsky, CIO of TCS

With a distinct passion for people and transformation, Catherine has found her way from a non-technical background to being the Chief Information Officer of the largest mobility club in Switzerland. Her biggest lesson learned is that you don’t have to be a geek to work in tech, you just need to surround yourself with the right people.

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Chanel Greco, Founder & CEO at Saperis

Coming from a non-technical background, Chanel Greco has found her sweet spot in tech at the intersection to education, inspiring others to learn and grow their skillset. Read about her career path and why it is so important to make yourself visible as a woman in tech.

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Sara Kaiser, Program Director of the Luxembourg Tech School (LTS)

From her inspiring and non-linear path into tech, learn how Sara Kaiser fights for more diversity and inclusion through her work with children and teenagers. Sara is driven by a strong feeling of purpose – to have a positive impact on young people’s lives through the many facets of tech.

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Angelika Fuchs, Global Product Lead for Data Automation at Roche

With 10 years experience in Research Informatics, a passion for science and human-centric digitalization in drug discovery, Angelika has some great advice to share based on the experiences she made in her industry.

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Isabelle Ohnemus

Isabelle Ohnemus, Founder & CEO of EyeFitU

In the interview with Isabelle, we discussed the challenges of being a first mover in your field and what it means to be a female entrepreneur. Isabelle also shared with us some valuable career tips that she has learned along the way. 

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Priska Burkard, Co-founder of TechFace & Founder of Skills Finder

We learned about Priska Burkard’s inspiring career path and how she transitioned into the tech industry. We also discover how she created her purpose: helping other women in tech through both Girls In Tech Switzerland & TechFace.

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Vanessa Gentile, Director Alliance & Channel at Salesforce

Vanessa Gentile is giving us inspiring insights into her career path, from being a child of immigrants to climbing her way up to being a leader at global tech companies. You will find lots of great advice in Vanessa’s career path and also learn about the Bring Women Back to Work program that she has founded.

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Nadja Fischer

Nadia Fischer, CEO and Co-founder of Witty Works, Creator of the Diversifier

Witty Works raises awareness of how unconscious bias affects the workplace by supporting their clients with redesigned processes and structures to bypass unconscious bias and ultimately creating a more inclusive work culture. Learn why Nadia Fischer moved into tech as well as her past and upcoming challenges.

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Valentina Ricupero, Business consultant & Coach

Valentina Ricupero has worked in the tech industry for almost 15 years, leading teams in start-ups and corporates all around the world. She is now starting her own business consulting company. In this interview, Valentina shares her inspiring career path, her experiences as being the only woman in meetings, and also plenty of life advice.

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Anastasia Hofmann - co-founder of Kitro

Anastasia Hofmann, co-founder of food tech start-up Kitro

Anastasia Hofmann’s company Kitro was co-founded together with Naomi MacKenzie with the objective to implement solutions that are pushing sustainability in the hospitality industry to new levels. Learn why Anastasia would have wished she had learned how to program years ago, and why it is so important to bring interest in technology and coding into tech – even if your background is rooted somewhere else.

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