Tech Needs Us.

And we need each other. We’re a group of people in Switzerland — from newbies to experts — who are committed to supporting women in tech. We are on mission to increase diversity in tech in Switzerland. Join us and become a member of our growing community!

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Welcome to Girls in Tech Switzerland

We’re here for you — literally. Come to our events and make a new friend, learn a new skill, get to know our partners, and give and receive support. Join us in our mission to build a diverse and inclusive tech workforce, and grow in your career too.

Thought leadership

A space where you can be you

Whether you’re an engineer, designer, marketer or strategist, introvert or extrovert, idealist or realist — whatever your background, you have a place here. You’re welcome, just as you are!

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Three Reasons To Join Us


Connect with others who encourage and help you to become your best self.


Excel through constant learning from our carefully crafted workshops, and trainings.

Role models

Learn from experienced members who share what they’ve learned along the way.

Get Involved in Our Mission


Tech & career events

Get access to all our career and tech events where you can learn new skills and get to know others.

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Women Who Inspire Us

We strongly believe in the importance of role models, and that’s why we share the stories of inspiring women in tech in Switzerland.

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Team meeting

Our partners

We partner with companies and organizations that are commited to attracting and retaining more women in tech. Together, we make the tech industry in Switzerland more diverse.

Get to know our partners

Our Blog

Read the stories of women in tech and learn about past events.

No matter who you are or how you are, what you believe, or what phase of life you’re in, tech needs you. And we welcome you.

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