Allies Who Inspire Us

At Girls In Tech Switzerland, we strongly believe in the importance of allyship.

We believe the tech industry is not only lacking female role models, but also allies who are outspoken about driving efforts around diversity. Therefore we will occassionally feature an ally who is an inspiring advocate for diversity in tech and can serve as a role model for other allies – or for those who want to become allies.

Are you or do you know an inspiring ally in tech that we should feature in this blog post series? Reach out to [email protected] & let us know!

Simon Iyamu Perisanidis, Co-Founder of Lumia

Meet Simon Iyamu Perisanidis, a data scientist and visionary behind Lumia, a Swiss startup revolutionizing the recruitment game with AI. His mission? To build products that combat inequalities and pave the way for a fairer future.

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Bill Woehr, Career Coach at Aykaza

Bill is a career coach based in Vevey who is on a mission to help 1000 women in STEM to find their dream job. Bill is a strong supporter of increasing diversity in tech and wants to create change in the tech industry by elevating women. And he has a valuable message for men: do not sit on the fence when it comes to allyship.

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Rainer Baumann, Group COO

Rainer’s goal is for more women to join the operations departement at Migros and he is an ally who is not shy to speak up about this topic. Learn about his career path and how Rainer has become interested in the topic of women in tech – also through imminent problems like the skills shortage in tech.

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Santiago Erroz Ferrer, Data Scientist

Santi is a Data Scientist Technical Lead at Swiss International Air Lines who has been promoting and advocating for more diversity in tech ever since he moved to Switzerland from Spain. At ETH, where he did a postdoc in Astrophysics, he experienced the shockingly low number of women and the conditions they were facing in his department.

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