10 Women in Tech in Switzerland to Follow in 2024

There is an incredible amount of amazing women in our industry and we will never miss an opportunity to highlight them. We did a little research study at the beginning of the year to find you some rising stars, upcoming influencers, and inspiring leaders in our industry.

We believe all of the women in this list will be essential to our mission of bringing more women into tech, so we want to express our deepest gratitude for all the important work that they do.

Every woman in this list is not only a rockstar in her respective field of work, but also an advocate for more diversity in tech.

We are sure that you will enjoy this list if you are looking for inspiring women in the Swiss tech industry that you can learn from, admire from a distance, and watch to evolve into superstars.

And without further ado, in alphabetical order the list of inspiring women in tech in Switzerland to follow in 2024:

Alessandra Cantù

#digitaltransformation #womanempowerment #technologytrends

Alessandra is an expert in digital transformation based in Lugano. She is currently starting a new role at Johnson & Johnson as a Manager and Product Owner in Supply Chain Technology and was a former service leader at IBM, where she was leading the services delivery team for Watson Health. She is excited about driving value through business process digitalisation, with a focus on supply chain management and operations.

As a volunteer for Women in Tech Switzerland, she hosted a unique and successful event on digital inclusion, one of a kind in Ticino. We strongly believe Alessandra will be an essential pioneer in transforming and advancing the southern part of Switzerland regarding digital and technology topics. Follow and support Alessandra on her mission as a digital and business transformation enthusiast in Ticino.

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Chloé Carrière

#space #sciencecommunication #nextgeneration

Chloé aka Galatic Chloé is a space influencer with an engineering degree in Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship from EPFL. She is the founder of the company Galactic Studios, a Swiss-based company aiming to bridge the gap between science and society.

Her company is on a mission to fight misinformation by bringing clear, accessible science content to where the people are. Always challenging the status quo with confidence, Chloé serves as a role model for future generations as well as female founders. Follow Chloé to get excited about space tech and to watch an inspiring female enterpreneur.

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Eva Selamlar-Leuthold

#girlsintech #innovation #space

Eva is our second woman in this list who is super excited about space and tech. As the founder of the Peppermintas initiative, she organizes “the coolest and funniest mentoring & girls empowerment events in town for adults and kids alike”. The goal is to break stereotypes and give an understanding of male-dominated jobs to young girls in and around Zurich.

Originally a lawyer, Eva worked in the banking industry for many years. Nowadays, she holds the position of Head Swiss Financial Innovation Desk, a concierge service to connect innovation projects, research, investors, and authorities at national and international level and facilitate exchanges between various stakeholders. Follow Eva on her journey to inspire the next generation of girls in tech and innovation.

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Isaline Muelhauser

#seo #femalefounder #empoweredwoman

Isaline is an international SEO (search engine optimization) consultant & podcast host of Work in SEO. Work in SEO is a podcast where Isaline interviews professionals to explore the diversity of career paths in SEO. In 2019, she founded her own consultancy called Pilea.ch where she works as a successful consultant for all things SEO.

In 2023, Isaline won the Hidden Figures Empowered Woman award at the #wetechtogether conference in Zurich. She strongly believes in empowering women. Isaline navigates the tech and the entrepreneur fields with grace showing that it’s possible to grow a business beyond gender. Follow Isaline and get inspired to start your own business or work in SEO.

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Marina Eleftheriadou

#agile #diversity #selfempowerment

Marina holds a Computer Science degree and is currently working as a release train engineer at Swisscom. She is dedicated to discovering the purpose of projects and products, consistently delivering the maximum business value living by the agile principles. She cares deeply about inclusion and the benefits of a diverse team and experienced the potentials in her various roles working as a software engineer and scrum master in co-located and distributed teams.

Besides her work at Swisscom, Marina is also involved in the non-profit organization The Small Village Botswana which is making an impact through female and youth self-empowerment in Botswana. Follow Marina on her journey to making the tech industry more diverse through her inspiring leadership.

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Dr. Nicole Kleger

#foodtech #startup #workingmom

Nicole is the co-founder and CTO of sallea, an ETH spin-off that is revolutionizing the future of animal proteins by adding the third dimension to cells. She graduated from ETH Zurich with an outstanding Masters degree in Material Sciences and afterwards pursued a successful PhD, all while having two young children together with her supportive husband.

Nicole’s story shows that with the right support system and environment having a career and a family is not easy but it can work out. She’s an inspiring role model for other female founders in tech as she is building a food tech start-up together with her co-founder Simona. Follow Nicole for more exciting news on her entrepreneurial path.

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Nicole Pitter Patterson

#genderlensinvesting #womenempowerment #finance

Nicole is an expert in international trade and women’s economic empowerment. Now based in Vaud, she brings a broad range of international working experiences including in Ghana and the Carribean. Today, she shares her expertise as a public speaker, consultant and advisor.

In 2019, Nicole co-founded SheLeadsIT, a non-profit organization that focuses on creating opportunities for women and girls to be economically and socially empowered, and to bring about transformational change through digital empowerment operating in Switzerland, Canada and Jamaica with initiatives in the Caribbean, Africa and Europe. Follow Nicole to learn more about how women can be empowered all around the world through finance and digital competencies.

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Rebeca Moreno Jiménez

#ai #datascience #innovation

Rebeca is a humanitarian project manager based in Geneva working for those that are forced to flee their homes. Currently, she’s the Lead Data Scientist at UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. In this role, she acts as a programme manager of the data innovation fund portfolio and works in the roles of an AI engineer as well as a Tech Policy Researcher.

Rebeca described herself as a woman in data, AI and tech. In her work, she leverages the power of emerging technologies related to big data and artificial intelligence in different humanitarian settings. She originally studied International Relations and Public Policy and is using her technical skills to have a positive impact on the situation of refugees around the global. Follow Rebeca and get inspired by her innovative work.

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Sheerah Kim

#digitalethics #femaleleadership #femaleempowerment

Sheerah is a seasoned professional with experiences in strategy, business development, digital ethics and data analytics. Among other experiences, she worked at Swiss Re for over 15 years, in her last role as a Senior Analyst. As an Executive Board Member BPW Europe and Switzerland and the Co-President of BPW Club Zurich, Sheerah is actively involved in elevating women in all industries.

The Business and Professional Women (BPW) networks represent the interests of working women with the aim to create gender equality in the workplace and in society. Sheerah is an engaged networker and excellent organizer of initatives and events. She never misses an opportunity to lift up or connect another woman. Follow Sheerah to support her mission to empower women in business.

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Ursina Boos

#python #womenintech #diversityintech

Ursina is a Sales Engineer at Esri Switzerland. With a background in Geographic Information Systems and Computer Science, she brings the perfect mix to enable organisations to solve business requirements by using mapping and spatial analytics tools. With a focus on location intelligence technology, Ursina is helping to open new ways to a more sustainable future for businesses, governments, and other organisations.

In her free time, Ursina acts as Head of Events Zurich for the non-profit organization Girls in Tech Switzerland. In this role, she’s a crucial component to the success of local events for the growing community of women in tech. Ursina also actively shares her own experiences being a woman in tech. Follow Ursina for inspiring stories and to see her grow in her career.

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Author: Lisa Stähli

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