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We recently started a new blog post series on Medium called Decoding Tech where we explain coding and tech topics in short stories, hands-on exercises, and food for thought. Fully aware that the world (or the internet) has not been waiting for yet another tech blog post, we believe that most of them that are out there are either so technical that it scares away people without a technical background, or they are not written by women in tech.

Decoding Tech aims to make tech and coding topics more accessible to people of all types of backgrounds, career paths, and interests. We are trying to give examples and exercises that can be executed by anyone, but also challenge those who already have a background in tech – by breaking up unconscious biases or highlighting female tech workers. Because we strongly believe that tech needs more diversity and inclusion – also in the world of tech blog posts.

In the past weeks, we have published a number of basic coding topics to get you started in your journey to learn how to code – or at least know about some key terms. So here you will find a list of blog posts in our series Decoding Tech:

Confidence vs. Competence

Learning how to code is a journey with many ups — like the first time your code runs through and actually does what it is supposed to do — and downs — like looking for a bug for hours only to find it was a simple typo of a variable name. The same applies also to learning a new technology, a new programming language, or using new software.

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What Programming Language Should You Learn First?

Learn about the different types of programming languages, their characteristics, and usage & figure out how to find your language to get started with.

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Data Types

Today, we are going to get to know data types with some hands-on exercises. We will learn why data types are crucial in programming and why it’s always better to let your machine know what type of data you are feeding it.

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Functions & Variables

We will be putting our knowledge about data into practice & learn how to create and use variables and functions.

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Algorithms & Pseudo-code

Let’s demystify the word algorithms once and for all, and recognize that we are all capable of creating algorithms — and probably already have. We will also develop our own algorithm for a navigation app using pseudo-code.

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Git & Version Control

As of now, you have learned a lot about programming languages, data types, functions, and algorithms. Now it’s time to put everything together and learn about version control & Git.

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Hardware vs. Software

We are going to talk about the differences between software and hardware. Knowing the differences is crucial when you’re trying to solve a problem with a computer.

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101 – Binary

Learn about the binary number system, why it is important for your computer, and how you can read it.

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Information = Bits + Context

We are gonna explore the concept of bits & bytes and how information is represented in machines., why it is important for your computer, and how you can read it.

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Operating Systems

So far in our blog series, we have talked about software and hardware concepts. In this blog post, we are talking about how these two work together: we’re talking about operating systems.

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Software Architecture

Have you ever wondered about the components needed to build software? In this blog post, we will dive into software architecture and explain different models to think about it.

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Software Architecture Metaphors

Metaphors are used to abstract components and their interactions with each other. In this blog post, we are analyzing two of the most famous examples of metaphors: the house & the gardening metaphor.

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Servers & the Cloud

When it comes to technology, there are many concepts that are difficult to grasp, such as algorithms, operating systems, or software architecture. Today, we’ll look into another one: Servers & the Cloud. Even though that might sound scary, in reality, the concept is simpler than you’d expect.

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We would also love to see you joining the conversation on these topics. Share your own knowledge and experiences in the comments. Let us all learn from each other!

And if you also want to make sure the tech world becomes more diverse and inclusive, then join us in our mission!

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